Safari at home: how to take the best wildlife photos in UK safari parks.

If staying at home this year, you may be looking for something that’ll keep the kids entertained but still give you the opportunity to take a good wildlife photo or two. One location that’s worth considering is a safari park as there’s some excellent ones based in the UK that’ll give you the opportunity to capture frame-filling images of Lions and other animals usually seen on an African plane.

Here are some excellent tips for getting the best photo: Photography In UK Wildlife Safari Parks.

Safari For Under $300 A Day

Namibias Etosha National Park, costs can run as little as $300 per day—this includes a car, room, park entrance fees, and meals—for two. And you wont be skimping on style, either: Lodgings in the parks five government lodges, which have on-site restaurants, are comfortable and attractive. Nightly rates range from a super-affordable $70, to $200 per person, depending on remoteness and accommodation type standard room, bungalow, luxury tent or free standing chalet.

via How to Go On Safari For Under $300 A Day : Condé Nast Traveler.

Death of US tourist raises questions about the safety of walking safaris in Tarangire National Park

“Population growth rates in the elephant herd as well as increased human activity in the area attributable to farming, tourism and poaching, have made elephants behave differently than in the past.

You put those things together and you have a situation where the animals are just stressed to the limit”

Jaguar kill in the Pantanal


Another account of a fantastic jaguar encounter in Brazil’s Pantanal.  This is rapidly becoming one of the worlds’ hotspots for big cat sightings with one or two jaguar sightings a day being the norm.  But with this comes with it’s own challenges.  World is that there were around 11 boats of tourists all jockeying for the best shots of this kill.  Getting more like the Maasai Mara every day…
Brutal moment a jaguar stalks and ambushes a caiman before dragging reptile into water and killing it | Mail Online.

In Brazil, tracking the Big Five: jaguar

On our first boat trip out we saw Patricia. A two-year old, she had become the most visible this year and liked to walk leisurely along low bluffs beside the river or on the beaches. There are lots of pretty sandy beaches along the Cuiabá and its tributaries. You could almost imagine a classic Brazilian beach scene, but you’d have to watch your back while sipping on your chilled coconut milk.
In Brazil, tracking the Big Five: jaguar – Telegraph.