Wildlife tourism in numbers: the benefits (and potential losses) of wildlife tourism to a country’s economy.

As rampant poaching hits rhinos in Africa and shark finning affects the survival of sharks worldwide, this article shows how the affect on tourism can damage a county’s tourist economy.

Some of the figures:

The shark diving industry in Fiji is worth 42,2 million dollars (30,4 million euros) per year, 18 million dollars per year in Palau and 38,6 million dollars per year in the Maldives.

Whale watching globally is worth about 2 billion dollars a year.

Birdwatchers contributed about 32 billion dollars annually to the US economy.

Indonesia has just created the largest sanctuary for manta rays because it estimated that a manta ray is worth one million dollars over the course of its life.

Read more: Opinion: Wildlife tourism, a multi-billion dollar industry at risk   | Africa | DW.DE | 07.03.2014.

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