Jamaicas rare wildlife – in pictures.

The Portland Bight protected area is home to the iconic Jamaican iguana and 20 other endangered species. It’s fragile coastal ecosystem and wildlife faces the risk of being lost forever as Jamaica approves a Chinese company to build a port.

The Jamaican iguaua, Cyclura collei, is a critically endangered species found in the Hellshire Hills of Portland Bight protected area, Jamaica. It was thought to have gone extinct in 1948, but in 1990, a hog hunter chanced upon a live individual in the limestone forests of Hellshire Hills. Further exploration revealed 50 survivors. Eggs and hatchlings brought from the wild were reared in captivity and released back into the wild once they are big enough to ward off predators.

Read more: Jamaicas rare wildlife – in pictures | Environment | theguardian.com.

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