Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse captures tiger cub photos in Indian heat

A Cardiff-based wildlife photographer with a passion for tigers took advantage of soaring temperatures in India to capture his first images of a mother with her cubs.

The heat had topped 44 degrees Centigrade in Rajasthan when Andy Rouse, two days into a trek, found the shots he wanted.

The tiger, called Noor, had three-month-old cubs but she kept them sheltered in a desert cave at Ranthambore National Park.

But Andy gambled they would have to cool off and take in water in the sultry temperatures.

“I’ve been 6ft (2m) away from a tiger, they don’t see you as food in a vehicle, they leave you alone,” he said.

“But I made sure I was 150m (450ft) away in the first Jeep as I didn’t want the cubs to get nervous, this was the first time they would have seen people.”

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Tadoba Tigers

Tadoba Tigers

We’ve just been sent this photo of six tigers taken at one of our favourite Tiger Lodges, Tiger Trails in Tadoba National Park. This is a family group consisting of Scarface (Father), Madhuri (Mother), and the four cubs Mona , Geeta, Lara, Sonam (click on the photo for the lodge website).