Endless deserts, rugged mountains and wildlife eking out a living: Namibias savage beauty captured in stunning photographs

 With its stunning scenery, vast sand dunes, rugged mountains and sweeping coastline, the beauty of Namibia is captured in these stunning photographs.  Crowned number one in the top 50 emerging travel destinations this year, the country – widely regarded as one of the safest places in Africa – is also one of the most diverse and tranquil.

 As one of the least densely populated countries in the world, with only 2.1 million people living in its landscapes, Namibia is dominated by vast sand dunes, rugged mountains and a sweeping coastline.  Photographer Paul Goldstein captured these incredible shots, from rocky mountains to the famous Sesriem Canyon and the two highest sand dunes in the world, Dune 45 and Big Daddy.

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Astonishing moment curious cheetah jumps onto car bonnet.

A curious cheetah shocked safari visitors when it jumped onto their car and poked its head through an open window. The young male jumped onto the bonnet to look for prey but with nothing in sight turned its attention to the front seat passenger Lee Whittam, 39.

He said: ‘In 21 years of guiding, this is the first time it’s happened to me. But once we’d recovered from the initial shock we enjoyed the extremely close views and inquisitive looks from this young male as he sniffed, licked and chewed bits of the vehicle that intrigued him.’

The unusual sight was captured in the northern Serengeti, Tanzania.

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Wildlife turned surreal: photographer John Wilhelm turns his wildlife photos into fantastic works of art.

There are many weird and wonderful creatures in the animal kingdom – but you’re unlikely to ever spot an ice-skating chick or a flying rhino.

You’ve also got a cat in hell’s chance of seeing a young girl offering flowers to a 20ft-tall buffalo or a camel enjoying a cigarette. But then for all its evolutionary marvel, Mother Nature doesn’t have Photoshop.

Swiss photographer John Wilhelm does, however, and with a little fantasy escapism has turned his wildlife pictures into some truly surreal works of art.

IT director turns his wildlife pictures into surreal works of art | Mail Online.

After Halloween: unusual pictures emerge of “Calcified” Birds, Bats Found at African Lake

Unusual Pictures:

Amazing photos of mummified bats and birds from northern Tanzania’s Lake Natron, which contains so much soda and salt that it would “strip the ink of my Kodak film boxes in a few seconds,” according to photographer Nick Brandt.

Brandt unexpectedly found the dead animals that had washed up on the shore, preserved by the lake, and posed them as they had been in life. The photographs, taken between 2010 and 2012, appear in Brandt’s new bookAcross the Ravaged Land.

Lake Natron’s unusually harsh composition comes from a unique neighboring volcano, Ol Doinyo, which spews alkali-rich natrocarbonatites that end up in Lake Natron via rainwater runoff.

Unusual Pictures:

Unusual Pictures: “Calcified” Birds, Bats Found at African Lake.

Safari at home: how to take the best wildlife photos in UK safari parks.

If staying at home this year, you may be looking for something that’ll keep the kids entertained but still give you the opportunity to take a good wildlife photo or two. One location that’s worth considering is a safari park as there’s some excellent ones based in the UK that’ll give you the opportunity to capture frame-filling images of Lions and other animals usually seen on an African plane.

Here are some excellent tips for getting the best photo: Photography In UK Wildlife Safari Parks.